Ask me thangs? - WHAT THE FWARG?!

Ask me thangs?

1. How do you like your eggs?
2. Name a fictional book character you’d bone?
3. Got any unique talents?
4. Most awkward kiss?
5. Your sex tape leaks—who do you call first?
6. What always makes you laugh?
7. Neck bites or ear nibbles?
8. What would your last meal be?
9. Does anything make you irrationally angry?
10. If you could miraculously play instrument—what would it be?
11. Show us your favorite emoticon.
12. Any morning rituals?
13. Any mourning rituals?
14. Your go-to sexy time jam?
15. Five things within touching distance?
16. Eight hours of sleep or five hours and oral sex?
17. Sex in the shower or in the pool?
18. One very bad habit?
19. Your tell-all memoir title?
20. Bleach your butthole or shave your eyebrows off?
21. Your favorite fun fact.