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What was the process like for transferring out of Wellesley (/ asking professors for recs) where do you go now and do you ever regret it? I ask because I'm considering

I am sorry it took me so long to get to this question! I hope you regularly check tumblr tags, anon so that this can help you out.

Transferring out of Wellesley required:

  • getting my high school transcripts sent to my transfer colleges 
  • getting my wellesley transcripts sent
  • getting my dean to give me a “statement of good standing” (i.e. I am a student at this school of average GPA etc)
  • then I had to get two teacher recommendations (I think I provided a third but I don’t remember from who), 
  • then I had to tackle the common app transfer questions and then the transfer supplement questions
  • I wrote a BOMB ASS creative essay and I am pretty sure it is what got me in
  • also my interview
  • mostly the essay tho

I have never regretted transferring from Wellesley. I was terrified, in the weeks approaching my UChicago enrollment, that my unhappiness was a product of myself and not my surroundings. Within 48 hours at UChicago, I knew I belonged. I loved (and still love) some of my Wellesley sisters but it was never the place for me.

I will tell you that in the moments I go with my gut, and I mean REALLY go with it, no bullshitting, no psychoanalyzing bullshit, it leads me well. And I knew in my gut Wellesley wasn’t for me and I knew in my gut UChicago was for me.