I slept poorly. - WHAT THE FWARG?!

I slept poorly.

Which is my own fault, for falling asleep drunk. I look a hot mess right now but I’m going to try this self-improvement project thing again.

I like my lips. In fact, I really like them. They are proportional to my face and a very lovely shape. I love their pinkish hue. But it’s more than that.

I bare very little resemblance to my mother or father: different hair color, body types, face shape, eye colors and so on.  

I often joked with my parents about this: I’ve probably made the milkman joke too many times. I think my mom actually perceived I was insecure about it since all of my aunts/cousins/grandparents have a very strong familial resemblance. When I was 11, she dug up an ultrasound photo of me (which I am sure has since been lost) and showed me my in-utereo profile and saying something along the lines of:

See your lips? They’re the same shape now as they were then. That’s how I know you’re my girl.

She reads this stupid blog and I don’t want her (or any of you) to think I’m a sap. But it’s a pretty cute story. right?