April 24th @ 11:47 AM

welcome to the fwarg school of selfies.

Lesson 1: Intention

One trick to taking a good selfie is to think positive, happy or sultry thoughts (depending on your intention) while you are taking the picture.

Eye contact helps too.

April 24th @ 9:46 AM

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April 23rd @ 10:03 PM

very good things:

I am having an off week and I keep thinking about doing a post like this but then I can’t…think of good things. But it can’t always be easy, right?

  • My friends, my friends, my friends. They never let me stray too far, they love me just the way that I am and I am surrounded by some genuinely amazing and positive people.
  • Two of my closest friends took me to In & Out the night I got in to San Francisco and the night before I left.
  • I got to hang out with Caitlin (kushkoala) on Friday and it was so nice. She is one of the most genuine, gentle and loving people I’ve ever met. We never have awkward silences and we just get along really well. I always enjoy seeing her.
  • My face is v. cute today.
  • I’m tan!!!
  • My outfits have been on point all week.
  • I’ve been crazy productive since I started this list 2 hours ago! I wrote a blog post for my mom, sent off some documents, finally put away my jewelry, I put way groceries, I did a load of laundry and changed my sheets as well as general tidying up.
  • Things that once bothered me seem to do so now with less frequency and urgency.
  • I got in contact with my old landlords and I’m getting my security deposit back.
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April 23rd @ 5:18 PM


Yep, it’s true. Everyone follows everyone.

April 23rd @ 4:00 PM

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April 23rd @ 11:45 AM
Anonymous asked

I follow you for your wit, your charm, your a+ fashion and makeup skills, and because I think you are a truly lovely person, inside and out. You are always a joy to see on my dash, and I feel privileged to know you, if only through the internet.


April 23rd @ 10:07 AM

tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

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April 23rd @ 9:35 AM
I’m only okay with the chilly weather today thanks to these tights #ootd

I’m only okay with the chilly weather today thanks to these tights #ootd

April 23rd @ 9:25 AM

god dammit fwarg, get your shit together.

April 22nd @ 11:33 PM




I decided to bleep out the lines on “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch” so I can listen to it properly in church. 


I had high expectations and I was not let down

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April 22nd @ 10:40 PM

Unroll.me →

my inbox is a fucking travesty and so much of what I get is junk.

this service is pretty amazing, they scanned my email and let me know about 270+ subscriptions my account had accrued. You only get five “free “unsubscribes (click of a button) before only after having to email an invite to five friends/sharing the app on twitter/facebook but then it just let me subscribe from about 250 list hosts


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April 22nd @ 8:45 PM

oaksandroses replied to your post: tag your fucking spoilers

#spoiler you have a vagina

April 22nd @ 5:23 PM

tag your fucking spoilers